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ICPE 2023: The Global Home for the Science of Real-World Evidence

Thank you for your interest in ICPE 2023. This meeting is now closed.
Meeting content has been archived for registered attendees and ISPE members.

Dear ISPE colleagues,

I am very excited to welcome you to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada for ICPE 2023!

The success of ICPE 2022 in Copenhagen has given us incredible momentum as we head towards Halifax. The huge number of abstract submissions for the 2023 meeting is testimony to both a strong return to in-person meetings and has demonstrated the strength of our community and of our science.

While we are thrilled to be planning an in-person conference, we recognize that not everyone will be able or willing to travel in August. While the in-person conference experience will be prioritized, much of the conference content will be available for live streaming in some form.

Registration for ICPE 2023 will be offered in two ways:
  • In-person/live registration for the conference in Halifax in August
  • Virtual registration for key program elements of the Halifax conference

Note that virtual registration does not mean hybrid presentation – you will be able to live stream sessions but not interact with speakers or attendees during the session.

Wherever possible all sessions, except for social events, will be recorded and made available post-event at no extra cost to all registrants.

Our cancellation policy allows you to convert your in-person registration to a virtual registration with no price penalty, so you won't miss out if your plans change at the last minute. We encourage you to register for the conference with confidence that you'll be able to participate.

The full meeting schedule will be posted on the website by early July.

I really look forward to seeing you in-person in August!


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Robert Platt, PhD, FISPE
Chair, ICPE 2023 Scientific Program Committee

Thank you to our Sponsors!